MSc Programme 2018-2019

Kent Cancer Trust trustees were delighted to meet our three new award winning scholars at the beginning of the new academic year.

Here is a copy of a photograph of them with the scholars and two Professors (Michelle Garrett and Dan Lloyd) on the stairs at the Collyer Fergusson building:


Our scholars are preparing their MSc’s around the following subjects:

  •  Natasha is  researching into ovarian cancer in Michelle Garrett's lab. 
  •  Rosalba is doing breast cancer research in Tim Fenton's lab  and
  •  Timo is doing research into lung cancer in  Martin Michaelis' lab.

All three gained their first degrees at the University of Kent. You will find full details of their projects by clicking here.


Project update – May 2019

We caught up with Timo and Natasha this month, as they near the end of their time in the cancer research labs at the University of Kent. It was encouraging to hear how positive they both were about the supportiveness of the researchers they’ve been working with over the last few months, and how much they’ve grown in confidence and independence as researchers themselves. Timo in particular talked about how working on cancer research has made him all the more certain that he wants to continue in the field, and about his sense of pride in contributing to an accumulation of knowledge that brings a real difference to people’s lives. He will be taking up a PhD at Southampton University from September in the area of tumour immunology. Natasha is currently uncertain as to whether she will continue with cancer research as her interests lie mainly with more general cell biology. We are delighted to have been able to support both Timo and Natasha, as well as Rosalba, throughout their studies, and wish them all the best for the future.