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That on average one in two people in the United Kingdom will develop cancer during their lives. But did you know that Kent has a leading research based Cancer Network, working across all the hospitals in the county? .. Or that it's universities are active in the development of cancer cures

About 6 years ago a group of Kent people thought that if the clinicians and scientists in the county could work together to develop new treatments based on observed patient need, even more improvements could be made with the benefit for the whole county.... Kent Cancer Trust was born from this idea

In this relatively short period, three costly research programmes have been initiated, the most recent being the sponsorship of research into new drugs, with the potential to reduce the side effects of traditional medicines. The research, being sponsored at the Medway School of Pharmacy aims to use polymers to improve drug delivery by only targeting the cancerous cells - thus minimising the unpleasant side-effects often associated with cancer treatment. This development is at the interface between chemistry and biology in the field of nanomedicine.

An innovative research programme from an innovative charity!

You can support this type of activity by helping raise funds for Kent cancer Trust ... the more funds we can raise ... the more research we can carry out in the county

A great opportunity for you to join us in this innovation process and to help develop tomorrow's treatments today

For further details please see the "research projects" section on this website

Key to financing these and future projects is a regular cash inflow and this is where we need your help .... You can give by going to our donate page or using any of the links throughout the website ..... Many thanks for your support

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